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Ziraat Katılım Bank

Growth through sharing

Ziraat Katılım Bank, with a paid-in capital of 675.000.000 - TL paid by the Turkish Treasury, was established with the consent of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), dated October 10th, 2014 and No. 6046 that was published in the Official Gazette, dated October 15th, 2014 and No. 29146, and awarded its license by the consent of the same Agency, dated May 14th, 2015 and No. 29355, that was published in the Official Gazette, dated May 12th, 2015 and No. 6302.

Our bank's capital was increased by 72.000.000 TL as published in the Official Gazette dated 24/05/2016, No. 9081 and the total paid-in capital has reached 1.750.000.000 TL.

With our products that comply with the principles of katılım banking and our alternative distribution channels, we are always at the service of our customers.

Ziraat Katılım Bank, with its basic philosophy of listening to the customers under all circumstances and offering personalized solutions for their needs, operates not only for its customers and shareholders, but also for creating value for the society and all its stakeholders.